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Does the mess in your music collection cause a lot of troubles? Would you like to organize MP3 collection quickly and without wasting time? Sounds unrealizable, right? Yeah, our MP3 collections today are not just large, they are purely gigantic! Most of us have tons of tracks in the music collection! And we love them all, don't we? Anyway organizing such a number of MP3 files in a smart and easy would be extremely time-consuming and absolutely impossible without tricks performed by a magician with a powerful magic wand!

Let me introduce you a software wizard able to organize MP3 collection chop-chop. Meet All My Music! This smart software will organize your untidy collection extremely easily and it doesn't matter how large your collection is.

The best MP3 organizing software for Windows I ever used!

Adding music files to your catalog is very easy - just enter the title in the right field and here you go! All the info including release date, genre, artist, composer, rating etc is there, ready to use! The software organizes MP3 taking info from powerful online sources where the data for millions of tracks is stored. You may avoid even typing the title if you've got a barcode scanner - just scan your CDs and all the info will be added fully automatically. Just imagine that!

Together with the info, your music organizer will also pick up cover arts and make your MP3 collection really bright and showy! While organizing MP collection, you're welcome to choose between several stunning view modes available, a number of templates and skins and make it strikingly beautiful in a couple of clicks! Adding more images you particularly enjoy will also help you feel right!

This music organizer allows you to quickly filter, as well as sort and group your MP3 files in various ways - by genre, artist, composer, date of release, etc. So any moment without wasting time you can see all the tracks by Eminem or Rihanna! That's very convenient especially when you are trying to organize MP3 collection containing tens of thousands of files. Innovative and multi-criteria search offered by this music catalog will also help you find music files within seconds.

If you organize MP3 collection with All My Music, it will be perfectly protected - password protection feature, automatic backup and built-in loan manager allow you to feel completely secure! With All My Music you will never lose a single track ever! Built-in loan manager will carefully look after your files and remind you if it loses sight of any of them! It's a perfect carer for your messy collection!

Start all your tracks right from the program, create playlists and make your collection just awesome with All My Music! Give it a try today - it's worth it!